indian police

our indian police  police is doing a great job at their level making  people aware of how to stop a cylinder , indian police
which is on fire . from catching more fire and getting blast , every Indian must watch and share this video with their friends and family ,
so that they should know what they have to do in this condition,
if they go through this situation  ..

indian police

this is how you can stop how you can stop a burning cylinder which is on fire ,
and may blast as hell !
to prevent from this you should watch the full video to know how to stop burning cylinder in any condition ,
first of all you have to
make a towel wet , so that it will not burn after getting in touch with the fire of the cylinder .

when cylinder catche fire , first thing to do is get an towel or blanket ,
wet it into water and just roll it around the fire on the cylinder
the fire will stop in a very responsive manner.

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