trolls on snapchat

trolls on snapchat

the snapchat a “controversy”

the snapchat controversy which led most of the indian attacking their fingertips on the keyboard , millions of indian people are dominated because of the controversy of the snapcht , which involves the following elements !

  • a new story a former snpchat employ claiming that the company’s CEO Evan Spiegel said that “This app is only for rich people … I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”
  • The comments were allegedly made, & claimed to have been made two years ago.
  • The claim is made by an ex-employee against Snapchat.
  • while the major news media outlets reported the story as one of “alleged” comment.
  • while within some hours the story spread like wild fire on social media and  other plateform  and soon people were claiming Spiegel undoubtedly made those comments, began equating patriotism with boycotting Snapchat, began down-rating the app on Play Store and hurled abuses on Spiegel and his fiancée.

    • trolls on snapchat

      trolls on snapchat

      here are some point we should understand ….
      can you buy Pregabalin over the counter in mexico 1st:– , it is a tragedy that our level of debate has fallen so drastically that a foreigner’s alleged comments have to be the main topic of discussion for millions of us.

    where can i buy provigil forum 2nd , it reflects a lot on who we are as a people when we defame an individual over unverified comments allegedly made two years ago in a boardroom. It shows how gullible we are that we are eager to jump at an unverified news story and throw abuses at someone as long as it satisfies our personal biases.
    get link 3rd:-, if Spiegel really called India a poor country, so what? Are we so unconfident as to not take an opinion head-first? Or have insults and abuses become our favoured way of response?
    4rt:-, and most importantly, why is our self-esteem so low? Why are we so insecure in our own skin that we allow an American man’s alleged comments to define ourselves and how we portray ourselves to the world?

    this is was not a good reaction from us ! without even knowing that , is he really said that or it is just a myth !