watch sunil grover and kapil sharma


1:- sunil grover and kapil sharma
truth behind the fight !

tegretol cr 200mg bula As every one know about the fight between sunil grover and kapil sharma,
but very few know the truth and reason behind the fight of sunil grover kapil sharma
does anybody know ,how fight begin between sunil grover and kapil sharma ,
what happen as kapil sharma got so angery
so he threw his shoe on the face of sunil grover.

kapil sharma

kapil sharma

As we all know the effect of drinking on our nature . and on society.
now kapil sharma would know the effect of drinking now! after the fight with sunil grover .

actually there was not any big issue

on which kapil sharma got so angry , but because of drinking , kapil sharma lose his control . and made the issue so big !
actually they were coming from Australia to Delhi from their flight  , kapil was too drunk , while kapil was taking his drinks cabin crew was serving food to the team of kapil sharma, because of  this kapil  sharma got angry ,
and shouted “how you all can eat when i am taking my drinks here, what you all think of your self you TV actors ” “I made you all , i will fire you all !”
“and I will end your career !”

after this all the members of kapil sharma team refused to eat the  food.
and they called the cabin crew and sent back their food  ..
then sunil grver tried to calm down kapil sharma ,
he said ” calm down kapil and sit you are drunk too much !”

as kapil listen to sunil grover he slapped him ,
after this kapil’s team and crew member tried to take both of them of to each other !
and the crew member told to the kapil’s team to calm him down ! and the team refuses to do so !

after that crew member  said to kapil if he wont calm they will call the security !
then kapil said to his team ” what they think of them self  , their career is because of me ! and kapil doesn’t stoped here he looked at sunil grover and said ” you had left my  show & came again !”
after this crew member told him again that they will call security !
and then kapil sat on his place and started whispering something !

and this is the reason sunil do  not want to come again in his show ever at any cost

what you guys think must tell us  !

thanks for reading .

must share with friends .. so that he can know there is something like humanity and he should respect every one !
he lost his respect in my eyes !..