transformers a movie , is an american science friction which is based on transformer toy line,
film consist of both live action and computer animation, directed by Micheal bay,




the robot explosion is here the fifth part of the amazing movie the transformer is here
the transformer : the last knight !!

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“It started as a legend, one of the greatest of all. A thousand years we kept it hidden from what was destined to arrive,” Burton continues in the new preview, which goes back to medieval times when chivalrous Transformers were fighting alongside knights of a roundtable (if not the round table). Optimus Prime, who takes a dark turn in the film, is now chained in a ship in space and faced with a floating Transformer, whom he addresses as “my maker.”

she asked “You destroyed your home. Do you seek redemption?”

prime turned to his friend and said “For my world to live, yours must die.”

that’s optimums prime for you my boys ! actually i am a die heart fan of this series

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